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  2. About Daniel J. Starks

    Daniel J. Starks

    Daniel J. Starks is Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Jude Medical.


    1. This share repurchase program demonstrates the confidence our Board and management team have in the long-term prospects for St. Jude Medical. We remain committed to delivering superior results and value to our shareholders.
      In St. Jude Medical Board of Directors Authorizes $1 Billion Share Repurchase
    2. We made good progress during the third quarter implementing numerous new growth drivers. We are supporting these new growth drivers with robust comparative effectiveness data. We simultaneously are reducing costs and increasing productivity. St. Jude Medical's program for delivering superior growth over the long-term is on track.
      In St. Jude Medical Reports Third Quarter 2011 Results
    3. Our third quarter results reinforce our conviction that our growth program is on track and that St. Jude Medical is well positioned to continue growing long term at a superior rate. We now have raised our 2010 EPS guidance range for the third time in three quarters. We have good momentum as we prepare to finish up the year and look to 2011.
      In St. Jude Medical Reports Third Quarter 2010 Results
    4. The difference in quality between an OCT image and an IVUS image has been described as analogous to the difference between an analog black-and-white television with a rabbit ear antenna and a digital color television with an high-definition image...We think OCT has the potential to obsolete IVUS imaging in the practices of many physicians.
      In Medical Device Battle: Can St. Jude Bigfoot Volcano? (CNBC Video)
    5. I don't think we have had such a rich technology era as we have now...It’s about the value of our technology advantage. Anytime there is a crisis, there will be winners and losers. But we have done a good job in being proactive enough to position us to be a winner in this current economic environment. We’ve offered some good evidence St. Jude has been an absolute winner.
      In St. Jude Medical CEO: second quarter was “absolutely awesome”
    6. We are pleased to have completed this transaction, and we welcome LightLab employees to St. Jude Medical...The OCT technology is the ideal complement to our FFR technology and provides us with a comprehensive platform that will help us to grow our cardiovascular business.
      In St. Jude Medical Completes Acquisition of LightLab Imaging
    7. We are pleased to add this new growth platform to our cardiovascular business, especially in conjunction with our FFR platform, and we are excited by the many opportunities this acquisition creates for St. Jude Medical and LightLab, physician customers and their patients...We welcome LightLab and its employees to St. Jude Medical.
      In St. Jude Medical to Acquire LightLab Imaging for $90M in Cash