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  2. About Dale Flanders

    Dale Flanders

    Dale C. Flanders, Ph.D, is Founder, Pesident and CEO, Chairman of the Board of Axsun Technologies.  Dr. Flanders joined Axsun from Lasertron, Inc, where he served in several key technical roles, including Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer from 1985 to 1998. Prior to Lasertron, he performed research at Bell Labs and at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory. Dr. Flanders received a B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from MIT, and is the holder of 40 patents.


    1. It's been very interesting. We've gone from the same technology as for telecommunications to manufacturing and now medical imaging.
      In A high-tech homecoming: Entrepreneur returns to Maine with an eye toward economic development ‘the right way’
    2. Axsun has developed an entirely new class of tunable optical engines based upon our unique MEMS based technology platform. It is clear that medical imaging represents one of the largest growth markets in which to fully exploit this technology. Our capability of precise imaging is delivered with a level of performance and on a scale of miniaturization and at a cost that should enable significant expansion of varied market opportunities in a number of medical specialties. We are also pleased to merge with a company with the resources and managerial strength of Volcano to help us build on our leadership position in the communications and industrial spectroscopy markets.
      In Medical imaging company acquires Axsun Technologies for its OCT expertise