1. Claude Boccara

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  2. About Claude Boccara

    Claude Boccara

    A. Claude Boccara was Dean of Research at ESPCI-ParisTech. Among the optical methods he has developed new microscopies to increase depth and lateral resolution. Recently, ultimate measurements have found new fields of application going from detection of gravitational waves to 3-D imaging though scattering media. He has published more than 300 scientific articles (ISI/ Boccara A* or Boccara C) in international journals. In 2007 he founded the start-up LLTech devoted to medical imaging and diagnostics.


    1. The system provides pictures of excellent quality that you can browse easily from the centimeter down to the micrometer scale. I confess having been amazed by the results. This new tool already makes my fellows biologists and physicians enthusiastic: its worth trying it, you will like it.
      In LLTech launches the ultra high resolution - micron level - 3D Light-CT scanner for research
    2. "The CT principle involves using light with a relatively broad spectrum, and the broader the spectrum is, the better the sectioning ability of the technique...That illumination commonly comes from a superluminescent diode or an ultrashort pulsed laser, but Light-CT is completely different.
      In LLTech brings optical biopsies to operating theaters: Coherence tomography technique allows surgeons to see biopsy results in 3D and almost real-time.