1. Chinese PLA General Hospital

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  2. About Chinese PLA General Hospital

    Chinese PLA General Hospital

    China PLA General Hospital was formerly the second clinical institute affiliated to Peking Union Medical College, which was changed in October, 1953 into “Hospital directly affiliated to the military commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. In July, 1954, it was renamed as the 301 Hospital of the PLA. In June, 1957, the Department of Defense mandated to cancel the appellation of “301 Hospital”, while appointing the name of “the China PLA General Hospital”. PLA Postgraduate Medical School was constructed with support from the China PLA General Hospital. It was founded in November, 1958 and closed down in 1962, and in June, 1979, it was restored with approval from the military commission . In September, 1986, it was formally listed among the universities and colleges of the whole army, with a authorization number. In 2004, the 304 Hospital and 309 Hospital of the PLA were renamed respectively as the 304 and 309 Clinical Branches, and publicly referred to as the First and the Second Hospitals affiliated to the China PLA General Hospital, meanwhile listed into the compilation sequence of the China PLA General Hospital