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    2. Beyond Better Clinical Care: Optical Coherence Tomography's Economic Impact

      Beyond Better Clinical Care: Optical Coherence Tomography's Economic Impact
      The optical coherence tomography (OCT) industry has grown dramatically in its first 25 years, and while the positive effects on patient clinical care are the most important measure of OCT's success, its contributions to the economy in jobs, tax receipts, and healthcare savings are also noteworthy. The field of optical coherence tomography (OCT) has grown dramatically since its discovery in the early 1990s. The commercialization and growth of OCT ...
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    3. Will 2011 be seen as a “Tipping Point” for Industrial Contribution to the Advancement of the Field of Optical Coherence Tomography?

      Comment "See this article http://www.octnews.org/articles/1941968/femto-lasers-in-cataract-surgery/ or this article http://www.aao.org/isrs/resources/outlook/10/04_10_feat.cfm" - Eric Swanson
      Will 2011 be seen as a “Tipping Point” for Industrial Contribution to the Advancement of the Field of Optical Coherence Tomography?
      ...   OCT Subsystem and Component Companies: Axsun, AlazarTech, Alpao, Andor, Avo Photonics, Basler, BaySpec, Cambridge Technology, Dalsa, DenseLight Semiconductor, Electro-Optical Products Corporation, Exalos, FemtoLase...
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    4. Estimation of Nonlinear Mechanical Properties of Vascular Tissues via Elastography

      Abstract  A new method is proposed for estimation of nonlinear elastic properties of soft tissues. The proposed approach involves a combination of nonlinear finite element methods with a genetic algorithm for estimating tissue stiffness profile. A multipoint scheme is introduced that satisfies the uniqueness condition, improves the estimation performance, and reduces the sensitivity to image noise. The utility of the proposed techniques is demonstrated using optical coherence tomography (OCT) images ...
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    5. Fourier domain optical coherence tomography using optical demultiplexers imaging at 60,000,000 lines/s

      Donghak Choi, Hideaki Hiro-Oka, Hiroyuki Furukawa, Reiko Yoshimura, Motoi Nakanishi, Kimiya Shimizu, Kohji Ohbayashi. We describe high-speed Fourier domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) using optical demultiplexers (ODs) for spectral dispersion. The OD enables separation of a narrow spectral band of 14GHz(0.11nm) from a broadband incident light at 256 different frequencies in 25.0GHz intervals centered at ... [Opt. Lett. 33, 1318-1320 (2008)]
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  2. About Cambridge Technology

    Cambridge Technology

    Cambridge Technology.  Galvanometers. Cambridge Technology, Inc. was founded in 1978 as a supplier and developer of instrumentation products in the field of biomedical research. At that time we set our standards on technology innovation, high quality manufacturing and customer commitment. In striving to bring the highest levels of precision and accuracy to our products, we laid the foundation for the closed loop galvanometer technology that is now our exclusive product focus. 
    Now the world's leading supplier of galvanometer based scanning solutions for biomedical applications such as and laser microscopy, confocal microscopes, OCT, multi-photon microscopy, SLOs, dermatology handpieces, etc. Cambridge Technology's patented galvanometer technology and servo driver architectures provide high-speed, smooth, linear, low-jitter, constant velocity line sweeps enabling clear, crisp, accurate images from your application. In addition to closed-loop galvanometers, our unique line of resonant scanners provide scanning speeds from 2kHz to 12kHz making Cambridge Technology the choice supplier among leading microscope companies and research institutes.


    Through our continuing commitment to research and innovation we've developed key patented advances in the technology of galvanometer position detection and actuator designs. These innovations have made it possible for us to introduce products that have raised the bar for accuracy, speed, performance and reliability in scientific and OEM optical scanning solutions. Our engineers work side by side with our customer base to develop product configurations that are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into their specific applications. Our broad range of supporting products, commitment to customer service and continuous product research deliver the guarantee of quality, innovation and trust that our customers have come to expect from Cambridge Technology. From the first Cambridge Technology product offering - all the way up to our current product line - our commitment to these standards has made us the world leader in galvanometer technology. We pride ourselves in keeping the values that we were built on - values that have allowed us to make our customers successful time and time again.