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    2. Quantitative Assessment of the Airway Wall Using Computed Tomography and Optical Coherence Tomography

      Ever since the site and nature of airflow obstruction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was described by Hogg, Thurlbeck, and Macklem, investigators have been looking for methods to noninvasively measure the airway wall dimensions. Recent advances in computed tomography technology and new computer algorithms have made it possible to visualize and measure the airway wall and lumen without the need for tissue. However, while there is great hope for computed ...
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    3. Gender Differences in Airway Wall Measurements with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

      Purpose: To examine the difference in the relationship between airway wall dimensions and lung function in male and female smokers. Methods: 35 male and 18 female subjects from the BC Lung Health Cohort, who underwent OCT imaging and spirometry, were studied. OCT images, acquired at the time of bronchoscopy, were converted to digital images at 0.5s intervals using frame capture software. Airways were measured using ImageJ (NIH) image analysis ...
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    4. Inter- and Intra-Observer Variability in Measurements of Airways Using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

      Purpose: To devise a protocol for the measurement of airways using optical coherence tomography (OCT) with acceptable inter− and intra−observer variability. Methods: 59 subjects from the British Columbia Lung Health Cohort who underwent OCT imaging were studied. OCT images, acquired at the time of bronchoscopy were converted to digital images at 0.5s intervals using frame capture software. Airways were measured using ImageJ (NIH) image analysis software on 5 ...
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    5. In vivo Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging of Preinvasive Bronchial Lesions

      ...ealth and Welfare, Mita Hospital, Tokyo, Japan Requests for reprints: Stephen Lam, Cancer Imaging Department, British Columbia Cancer Agency, 675 West 10 Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5Z 1L3. Phone: 604-67...
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    6. Apparatus for in vivo imaging of the respiratory tract and other internal organs

      Apparatus for acquiring in vivo images of a site of interest within the internal organs of a body. The apparatus includes an elongate, flexible catheter. The catheter is introducible into the body and has a first end that remains external to the body and a second and positionable adjacent the site of interest. A movable scanning unit having at least one sensor for acquiring images is housed adjacent the second ...
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  2. About British Columbia Cancer Agency

    British Columbia Cancer Agency

    The BC Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC) is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Scientists and researchers perform basic, epidemiologic, and clinical research on cancer prevention, early diagnosis of cancer, the molecular and genetic characteristics of the cancer process, and basic research related to new treatments for cancer. With direct links to the cancer centres across the province, discoveries at the BCCRC are quickly translated into clinical applications.