1. Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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  2. About Brigham and Women’s Hospital

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital is dedicated to serving the needs of the community. It is committed to providing the highest quality health care to patients and their families, to expanding the boundaries of medicine through research, and to educating the next generation of health care professionals. Brigham and Women’s/Faulkner Hospitals will be the academic and community teaching hospitals and physicians of choice with the most distinguished caliber of physician and professional healthcare staff. We will create the highest quality of care through our commitment to patients and their families, the innovation inherent in our academic programs, and the strength of partnerships with members of Partners HealthCare System, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University, and our local community, as well as our unique relationships with care provider groups such as Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates.