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  2. About Axsun Technologies

    Axsun Technologies

    Axsun Technologies.  Sources (Tunable), Micro-Optical Systems and Subsystems.  Integrating Optics and Electronics including: Tunable & Broadband Sources, Tunable Filters, Miniature optical packages. With an experienced, multi-disciplined team of engineering, manufacturing, and marketing professionals, Axsun Technologies, founded in 1999, is developing a bold new approach to the design and manufacture of miniaturized optical micro-instruments for a variety of industries.  The Axsun™ Packaging Platform combines proprietary Micro-Optics lens technology, and patented micro-alignment structures with a highly scalable, automated assembly process to create the foundation of a new class of miniature optoelectronic products.

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    1. The Mass. court's decision is only one ruling of a much broader case involving 30 trade secret claims against Volcano and subsidiary Axsun Technologies Inc.... today's ruling does not call into question the significant jury verdict from February 2010... the decision does not change the Superior Court of Massachusetts' verdict against Axsun Technologies, ruling that the company must ban the sale of its lasers to Volcano for all fields of use, not just the field of human coronary artery imaging.
      In Massachusetts court rejects St. Jude's trade secret claims against Volcano