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    2. Atherectomy catheters with imaging

      Atherectomy catheters with imaging
      An atherectomy catheter includes an elongate flexible catheter body, an elongate deflectable distal tip coupled to the catheter body at a hinge point, a rotatable cutter near the distal end of the catheter body, and a drive shaft extending within the catheter body and configured to rotate the cutter. The atherectomy catheter further includes an optical fiber extending through the drive shaft substantially on-axis with the catheter body and attached ...
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    3. Atherectomy catheter

      Atherectomy catheter
      Described herein are atherectomy catheters, systems and methods that include longitudinally displaceable drive shafts that drive actuation of one or more cutters at the distal end of the catheter. The catheters described herein may include one or more imaging sensors for imaging before, during or after cutting tissue. In some variations the imaging sensor may be rotated around the perimeter of the catheter independently of the rotation of the cutter ...
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    4. OCT imaging catheter with lag correction

      OCT imaging catheter with lag correction
      A catheter system includes a catheter body, an imaging sensor, a drive motor, a current sensor, a display, and a controller. The catheter body includes a drive shaft. The imaging sensor is fixed relative to the distal end of the driveshaft and is configured to rotate therewith. The drive motor is configured to rotate the drive shaft. The current sensor is configured to measure an amount of current drawn by ...
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    5. Micro-molded anamorphic reflector lens for image guided therapeutic/diagnostic catheters

      Micro-molded anamorphic reflector lens for image guided therapeutic/diagnostic catheters
      A catheter system for optical coherence tomography includes an elongate catheter body, an optical fiber in the elongate catheter body, and an anamorphic lens assembly coupled with a distal end of the optical fiber. The optical fiber and the lens assembly are together configured to provide a common path for optical radiation reflected from a target and from a reference interface between the distal end of the optical fiber and ...
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    6. Occlusion-crossing devices

      Occlusion-crossing devices
      A catheter device for crossing occlusions includes an elongate catheter shaft, a rotatable tip configured to rotate relative to the elongate catheter shaft, a drive shaft, and an OCT imaging sensor. The rotatable tip includes a housing coupled with the elongate catheter shaft and cutting wedges extendable from the housing. The drive shaft has a central lumen extending therethrough and extends within the elongate catheter shaft. The drive shaft is ...
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  2. About Avinger


    Avinger Inc was founded in 2007 by John B. Simpson, Ph.D., M.D., Avinger, Inc. is developing the next generation of catheter-based technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease, utilizing our core competencies in medical device catheter engineering and intravascular imaging.  Avinger acquired Sawtooth Laboratories  in 2010.

  3. Quotes about Avinger

    1. The CE Mark approval for Wildcat is a huge step for Avinger and our dedication to helping the millions of afflicted PAD patients worldwide...With the rate of PAD in Europe closely rivaling the U.S., more and more patients are confronted with the threat of amputation and quality-of-life issues resulting from invasive bypass surgery. We are thrilled to be one step closer to our goal of empowering physicians everywhere with the most advanced tools and technologies to perform the least invasive procedures for PAD sufferers around the globe.
      In Avinger Receives CE Mark Approval for Its Wildcat Catheter for the Treatment of Peripheral Artery Chronic Total Occlusions and Will Present Results from Its Connect Study at EuroPCR Conference May 17-19
    2. Ocelot CE Mark is a long anticipated milestone for Avinger and a much larger milestone for me professionally. I’ve been working on uniting intravascular guidance with therapeutic products for 30 years and I’m humbled that we’ve been able to achieve this at Avinger... This speaks volumes about our team at Avinger and their dedication to patient care. Ocelot CE Mark is a pivotal step that allows us to immediately help more patients suffering from PAD.”
      In Avinger Receives CE Mark Approval for Its Ocelot Catheter That Incorporates Real-Time Intravascular Guidance Using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
    3. This is a major milestone for Avinger and a true testament to the perseverance of all our employees and investors. Many people said we couldn't do it...Ocelot and CONNECT II is our first step toward incorporating intravascular imaging into therapeutic catheters. We truly believe this will revolutionize the treatment of vascular disease and amputation prevention.
      In Avinger Enrolls First European PAD Patient in CONNECT II Global Clinical Trial