1. Argus Scientific Corporation

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    2. MicroPort® Invests ~$58M for 51% of IV-OCT Imaging Start-up Argus

      MicroPort® Invests ~$58M for 51% of IV-OCT Imaging Start-up Argus
      MicroPort Scientific Corporation (00853.HK, MicroPort ) signed a strategic investment agreement with Suzhou Argus Medical Technology Co., (Argus) and the related parties. Under the agreement, MicroPort will directly invest in Argus and acquire part of the equity from the existing shareholders, with total cost of RMB 372.3 million. After completion of the transaction, MicroPort will become the controlling shareholder of Argus, with 51% equity interest in Argus. Founded in ...
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  2. About Argus Scientific Corporation

    Argus Scientific Corporation

    Argus Scientific Corporation is a company registered in California, USA, wholly owned by Suzhou Argus Technology Corp. Argus focuses on developing and marketing cutting edge high end medical equipment as well as disposable medical catheters for clinical applications. Argus is developing IV-OCT systems.