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  2. About Andor Technology

    Andor Technology

    Andor Technology.  Line Scan Cameras. The principal business of Andor is the development and manufacture of high performance digital cameras. Further we look to share our expertise to develop the best solutions for your light measuring problems. Our products are distributed to a customer base encompassing both the scientific research & industrial communities.Andor is headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We employ over 160 staff and distribute our products to customers in over 40 countries, either using its own worldwide sales force, or through a network of independent distributors.The founders of Andor were working in the Physics department of Queen's University, Belfast, but found the cameras then available were inadequate for their demanding applications, so they developed their own. After using them in various imaging and spectroscopic applications they found they were being requested by researchers in other departments in Queen's and other universities. Andor was formed in 1989 to take advantage of these requirements.The company has grown organically and is today the fastest growing company manufacturing high performance digital cameras.