1. Alfred Leitenstorfer

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    2. Fiber-optic amplification of light pulses

      A device for amplifying light pulses has an optical stretcher, in which the light pulses of a pulsed laser light source are temporally stretched, and an optically pumped amplifier fiber, in which the light pulses are amplified and, at the same time, temporally compressed. In order to improve such a system with regard to the pulse duration and the pulse energy that can be achieved, the amplifier fiber has a ...
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    3. Generation of tunable light pulses

      A device for generating tunable light pulses has a non-linear optical fiber. The optical spectrum of femtosecond light pulses can be modified by this optical fiber, taking advantage of solitonic effects. In order to make available such a device, which makes it possible to vary the pulse energy and the wavelength of the light pulses independently of one another, an optical compressor precedes the non-linear optical fiber.
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    4. Production of tuneable picosecond light pulses in a visible spectral range

      The invention relates to a device for the production of tuneable light impulses in a visible spectral range, comprising a laser system (LS) which emits femtosecond light impulses in the infrared spectral range, and an optical frequency converter (FC) for converting the wave lengths of the light impulses into the visible spectral range. According to the invention, the wave length of the light impulse emitted by the laser system can ...
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  2. About Alfred Leitenstorfer

    Alfred Leitenstorfer

    Alfred Leitenstorfer is the chair of modern optics and quantum electronics at Konstanz University in Germany.


    1. We have generated what we believe to be the shortest and most high frequency truly single-cycle pulse to date.
      In The pulse quickens for ultrafast optics - German researchers are making waves in ultrafast physics
    2. These features allow us to actually generate short pulses in different wavelength regimes that are strictly phase-locked with each other and to recombine them coherently to generate a shorter pulse...While this principle also works for other technologies, it is implemented most simply with our erbium fibre-laser system.
      In The pulse quickens for ultrafast optics - German researchers are making waves in ultrafast physics