1. Adam de la Zerda

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  2. About Adam de la Zerda

    Adam de la Zerda

    Adam de la Zerda is an Assistant Professor in the departments of Structural Biology and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He is working on the development of new medical imaging technologies to detect cancer at an early stage and guide physicians towards optimal treatment of the cancer. He has received numerous additional awards including Forbes Magazine 30-under-30 twice in Science and Healthcare (2013 and 2014), the Pew-Stewart Scholar of Cancer Research Award, the Air Force Young Investigator Award, the Dale F. Frey Award, the NIH Director’s Early Independence Award, the Damon Runyon Fellowship, and the Young Investigator Award at the World Molecular Imaging Congress. He published over 20 papers in leading journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Medicine, Nano Letters, and PNAS, some of which received significant press coverage from Forbes, US News and The Washington Post. He is the founder of the medical start-ups OcuBell Inc. and Click Diagnostics.


    1. We showed that you can take effectively any OCT system out there and, with minimal changes, boost its resolution to the point where it can detect anatomical features smaller than the size of a typical cell.
      In Scientists turbocharge high-resolution, 3-D imaging