1. Aarhus University

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  2. About Aarhus University

    Aarhus University is a public university located in Aarhus, Denmark. Founded in 1928, it is Denmark's second oldest university with a total of 43,600 enrolled students as of 1 Jan 2012 after a merger with Aarhus School of Engineering.


    Aarhus University Hospital which comprises hospitals in Århus providing national and regional specialist services. The University Hospital includes Århus Kommunehospital, Århus Amtssygehus, Skejby Sygehus and Psykiatrisk Hospital (Århus County Hospital, Skejby Hospital and the Psychiatric Hospital in Århus, respectively) as well as the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Aarhus. Together the four university teaching hospitals cover all areas of medical and surgical specialist care, supplementing each other on a daily basis as collaborating specialists.