1. A. Faouzi Zerrouk

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  2. About A. Faouzi Zerrouk

    A. Faouzi Zerrouk

    Dr. A. Faouzi Zerrouk is the Chairman, President, and CEO of Zecotek Photonics Inc. In 1989, he established the first foreign partnered, private, business oriented photonics research Lab in the Ex-Soviet Union (Novosibirsk, Siberia). He duplicated the same model in three prestigious research institutes in Moscow. Dr. Zerrouk acted as a technology transfer advisor, working closely with the Ministry of Science and Technology during the transition period to the Russian federation. He worked on Research and Development strategies for the new economy with prominent members of the Russian Academy of Science and coordinated many government projects in joint relations between Russia and countries like China, Germany, USA, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Zerrouk was Chairman and CEO of various companies in Europe and Asia.

    Dr. Zerrouk is a Canadian citizen. He received his PhD in Theoretical Physics, in 1987 from the University of Sussex, England. Through 1987–1993, he held research and faculty positions at various centers. Amongst them, the Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford, England, (Atomic & Laser physics); Siberian Academy of Sciences (TOKAMAK and Laser fusion research); the Institute of Thermal Processes, Moscow (high-power gas dynamic lasers). At the Institute of General Physics, Moscow, Dr. Zerrouk worked with the group of the Nobel Laureate Academician Prokhorov where he co-developed RGB and UV micro-chipset lasers with large market applications. He also established commercially driven private R&D; labs based in Russia, in the fields of crystals & lasers, holographic, 3D displays, new materials, nanostructures, optical networks and communication subsystems. Dr. Zerrouk is the principal founder of Zecotek Holdings technologies. He served as the Executive Chairman, President and CEO since inception.


    1. Our 64-chip MAPD array has been specifically designed for use with our LFS scintillation crystals in medical scanning applications.
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