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    1. Frequency tracking in optical Doppler tomography using an adaptive notch filter

      Optical Doppler tomography is a valuable functional extension of optical coherence tomography (OCT) that can be used to study subsurface blood flows of biological tissues. We propose a novel frequency estimation technique that uses an adaptive notch filter (ANF) to track the depth-resolved Doppler frequency. This new technique is a minimal-parameter filter and works in the time domain without the need of Fourier transformation. Therefore, the algorithm has a computationally ...
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    2. Hybrid positron detection and optical coherence tomography system: design, calibration, and experimental validation with rabbit atherosclerotic models

      ...rsity School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, New Haven, Connecticut 06510 Quing Zhu University of Connecticut, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Storrs, Connecticut 06269...
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    3. Digital signal processor-based real-time optical Doppler tomography system

      We present a real-time data-processing and display unit based on a custom-designed digital signal processor (DSP) module for imaging tissue structure and Doppler blood flow. The DSP module is incorporated into a conventional optical coherence tomography system. We also demonstrate the flexibility of embedding advanced Doppler processing algorithms in the DSP module. Two advanced velocity estimation algorithms previously introduced by us are incorporated in this DSP module. Experiments on Intralipid ...
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