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    1. Methods, systems and computer program products for characterizing structures based on interferometric phase data

      Methods, systems and computer program products for characterizing structures based on interferometric phase data
      Structure profiles from optical interferometric data can be identified by obtaining a plurality of broadband interferometric optical profiles of a structure as a function of structure depth in an axial direction. Each of the plurality of interferometric optical profiles include a reference signal propagated through a reference path and a sample signal reflected from a sample reflector in the axial direction. An axial position corresponding to at least a portion ...
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    2. Methods and systems for reducing complex conjugate ambiguity in interferometric data

      A complex conjugate ambiguity can be resolved in an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) interferogram. A reference light signal is propagated along a reference path. A sample light signal is impinged on a sample reflector. The reference light signal is frequency shifted with respect to the sample light signal to thereby separate a positive and a negative displacement of a complex conjugate component of the OCT interferogram.
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    3. System and method for low coherence broadband quadrature interferometry

      A quadrature broadband interferometry system and method obtains a complete complex interferometric signal instantaneously in both homodyne and heterodyne systems in a simple, compact, and inexpensive setup. This is accomplished by separating interferometric components from non-interferometric components in each of at least two detector signals of an interferometer having a number of N.times.N couplers, scaling the interferometric components, and generating real and imaginary parts of a complex interferometric ...
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