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    1. Inverse scattering for frequency-scanned full-field optical coherence tomography

      Inverse scattering for frequency-scanned full-field optical coherence tomography
      Full-field optical coherence tomography (OCT) is able to image an entire en face plane of scatterers simultaneously, but typically the focus is scanned through the volume to acquire three-dimensional structure. By solving the inverse scattering problem for full-field OCT, we show it is possible to computationally reconstruct a three-dimensional volume while the focus is fixed at one plane inside the sample. While a low-numerical-aperture (NA) OCT system can tolerate defocus ...
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    2. Interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy

      Methods and apparatus for three-dimensional imaging of a sample. A source is provided of a beam of substantially collimated light characterized by a temporally dependent spectrum. The beam is focused in a plane characterized by a fixed displacement along the propagation axis of the beam, and scattered light from the sample is superposed with a reference beam derived from the substantially collimated source onto a focal plane detector array to ...
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    3. Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Microscopy: Physics-Based Image Reconstruction from Optical Coherence Tomography Data

      Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an optical ranging technique analogous to radar - detection of back-scattered light produces a signal that is temporally localized at times-of-flight corresponding to the location of scatterers in the object. However the interferometric collection technique used in OCT allows, in principle, the coherent collection of data, i.e. amplitude and phase information can be extracted. Interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy (ISAM) adds phase-stable data collection to OCT ...
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    4. Interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy

      Interferometric synthetic aperture microscopy
      State-of-the-art methods in high-resolution three-dimensional optical microscopy require that the focus be scanned through the entire region of interest. However, an analysis of the physics of the light–sample interaction reveals that the Fourier-space coverage is independent of depth. Here we show that, by solving the inverse scattering problem for interference microscopy, computed reconstruction yields volumes with a resolution in all planes that is equivalent to the resolution achieved only ...
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