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    1. The Supercontinuum Laser Source: Fundamentals with Updated References (Book)

      The Supercontinuum Laser Source: Fundamentals with Updated References (Book)
      Photonics and nonlinear optics are important areas of science, engineering and technology. One of the most important ultrafast nonlinear optical processes is the supercontinuum (SC) – the production of intense white light pulses covering: uv, visible, NIR, MIR, and IR. It is produced using ultrashort laser pulses (ps/fs) to produce the ultrabroad band of frequencies. This book covers the fundamental principles and surveys research of current thinkers and experts in ...
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    2. Imaging systems and methods to improve backscattering imaging using circular polarization memory

      An optical technique to improve the imaging of a target inside suspensions of scattering particles includes the illumination of the scattering particles with circularly polarized light. The backscattered light from the host medium preserves the helicity of incident light, while the backscattered light reflected from the target is predominated with light of opposite helicity. Based on the observed helicity difference in the emerging light that originated at the target and ...
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    3. Non-linear optical tomography of turbid media

      An apparatus utilizing non-linear optical signals for use in constructing a three-dimensional tomographic map of an in vivo biological tissue for medical disease detection purposes. In one embodiment, said apparatus comprises a stage for supporting the in vivo biological tissue; a laser for illuminating the in vivo biological tissue with a focused beam of laser light, the light emerging from the in vivo biological tissue comprising fundamental light, harmonic wave ...
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