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    1. Ba-Boom! There Goes Your Hearing

      Ba-Boom! There Goes Your Hearing

      The most common injury to American troops is silent and invisible. And I don't mean PTSD: hearing loss and tinnitus—ringing in the ear—top the list of service-related disabilities for veterans. They are an unsung consequence of prolonged exposure to roaring environments, such as the deck of an aircraft carrier, or, increasingly, to the sudden blast of a roadside bomb. One fifth of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are affected, according to a 2017 analysis . Hearing loss has enduring social and economic impacts, harming one's ability to earn a living and the quality of relationships ...

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    2. Sightseeing: Adaptive optics could peer deep into damaged eyes for earlier diagnoses

      Sightseeing: Adaptive optics could peer deep into damaged eyes for earlier diagnoses
      The earlier diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma—the three most prevalent diseases causing blindness—can be diagnosed, the more successfully they can be treated. Obtaining high-res images of the retina is not so easy, however, due to aberrations caused by imperfections in the cornea and crystalline lens. Using the same adaptive optics principles that let astronomers see distant objects with such instruments as the Keck Telescope, researchers have created a new device for ophthalmologists to see the eye's retina at the individual cell level. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL), the Indiana University School of Optometry, Boston ...
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