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    1. A Radio Podcast from New Retina Radio on OCT and Anti-VEGF, A Biography

      A Radio Podcast from New Retina Radio on OCT and Anti-VEGF, A Biography

      The guidance of Anti-VEGF therapy using OCT is one of the major drivers of Ophthalmic OCT use benefiting millions of people worldwide facing age related macular degeneration.  This link is from New Retina Radio and continues its biography of anti-VEGF. John D. Pitcher III, MD, picks up the story where we left off: in a world where pegaptanib was the only intravitreal injection approved for treating wet AMD. But a deep dive into the literature and a few calculations on the back of a napkin are about to change retina practice forever. Guests in this episode include Bob Avery, MD ...

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    2. Intraoperative OCT for the Retina Surgeon (Video)

      Intraoperative OCT for the Retina Surgeon (Video)

      Retina Today Journal Club moderators Jonathan Prenner, MD, and Richard Kaiser, MD, invited Justis Ehlers, MD, Assistant Professor at the Cleveland Clinic to discuss his work with intraoperative optical coherence tomography (OCT) guidance and how it relates to a retina surgeon. OCT has been used in clinical practice for over 10 years. This addition to practice has revolutionized the way the retinal anatomy is viewed and it's also provided a new perspective on how treatment affects anatomic changes in the retina. The next step is to bring OCT into the surgical suite in a way that provides high-resolution imaging ...

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