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    1. Examining the past

      Examining the past

      Greetings! Today I thought I’d dip into the technology file and have a look at some research into new techniques developed to examine our artifacts. A painting in a museum tells us one story but what lies beneath its surface may tell quite another. Most great masterpieces are covered with varnish, sometimes several coats applied at different times over their history. The varnish was originally applied to protect the paint underneath and make the colors more vivid, but over the centuries it can degrade. Conservators carefully clean off the old varnish and replace it with new, but to do ...

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    2. OCT: advances in primary eye care

      OCT: advances in primary eye care

      With the increasing use of the optical coherence tomography in primary eye care practices, it is perhaps not surprising that an annual conference dedicated to this area is becoming established. The Topcon University-supported National OCT Conference attracted speakers and delegates from the UK and beyond. Over 22-23 November, the conference covered a range of topics from ocular pathology to business modelling in clinical practice, and also offered a clue as to future developments in OCT technology. Here we summarise the key learning points that emerged. OCT Evolution Professor Paulo Stanga (Manchester), who was instrumental in introducing OCT to UK clinical ...

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    3. Optical Coherence Tomography Technician

      Optical Coherence Tomography Technician

      East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust provides NHS hospital and community services throughout East Sussex. We provide our services at two district general hospitals, Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne District General Hospital, community hospitals in Bexhill, Crowborough, Lewes, Rye and Uckfield and a number of clinics and health centres, GP surgeries, schools and in people’s homes. The Trust is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to the improving working lives of all our staff. A wide range of staff benefits are available to staff and these include: staff development, pension scheme, on-site nurseries within the acute hospitals, access to sports ...

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    4. Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Announces Six New Grants to Support R&D Collaborations

      Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Announces Six New Grants to Support R&D Collaborations

      LX Medical (Westwood, MA) was granted $70,000 for collaboration with BC Cancer Agency Research Center in Vancouver, Canada. LX Medical is developing a probe device that will enable real time biopsy of lung tissue. This device will increase accuracy of biopsy sampling by using optical coherence tomography and with autofluoresence, thereby enabling earlier detection and treatment especially in early stage lung cancer. The collaboration will focus on biopsy testing in animal models.

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    5. Testing tool to better detect premature baby eye disease

      Dr. Thomas Lee painstakingly scrapes away spiderweb-like tentacles deep inside a premature baby's eye, scar tissue that is pulling apart the infant's retina. "It's like you're peeling back the layers of an onion," is how Lee, of Children's Hospital Los Angeles, describes a mysterious disease's damage to the tot's eye. Now a few doctors around the country are testing a new tool that enables them, for the first time, to watch how this disease that blinds hundreds of preemies every year begins its sneak attack behind their tiny eyelids. It's technology that ...
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