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    1. What you should know about OCT – part 2

      What you should know about OCT – part 2

      Following on from Part 1 of this series, which looked at macular scan interpretation, this article will review OCT disc analysis for glaucoma detection and monitoring. Background In 2013, the number of people with glaucoma worldwide was estimated to be 64.3 million, with this number predicted to increase to 76 million by 2020.1 Without timely diagnosis and referral for treatment, the incidence of bilateral blindness secondary to glaucoma will also rise. Currently, identification of glaucoma in primary eye care relies upon the classic triad of optic disc assessment, measurement of IOP and visual field evaluation. However, a survey ...

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    2. New OCT in circulation

      New OCT in circulation

      Maintenance of normal vision depends on an efficient and regulated blood supply to the retina. Compromise of this, as for example with vascular occlusions, haemorrhages, aneurysms or neovascular response to ischaemia, results in vision loss. Diagnosis, assessment of extent of disease and monitoring of the impact of treatments all require accurate visualisation of the vasculature. Though ophthalmoscopy in its various forms will reveal major surface structural changes (haemorrhages, vessel calibre variation, absence of perfusion or atrophy), deeper lesions and anomalies are not easily seen and, even for visible superficial change, there is little indication of disruption extent beyond a subjective ...

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    3. Spectralis users get a taste for speed at Silverstone

      Spectralis users get a taste for speed at Silverstone

      A celebration of technical excellence was the theme of a Silverstone race track day for Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis users recently. Eight regional independent opticians who use the precision OCT scanning technology were able to put a Ferrari 360 F1 Modena, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the Nissan GT-R through their paces at the race track. Tosh Vadhia, Heidelberg Engineering national sales manager, explained: ‘It was a great occasion and reinforced our desire to use the very best of technology with this fast track driving.’ Laura McAlpine, optometrist and practice owner from Largs in Scotland said: ‘The highlight of the day ...

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    4. Heidelberg training attracts a crowd

      Heidelberg training attracts a crowd

      Heidelberg Engineering has reported that 300 UK eye care professionals have now completed OCT training for its Spectralis instrument. The next training events were to be held at the Heidelberg Engineering Academy in Hemel Hempstead on November 28 and then December 3. ‘We have now fine-tuned the courses to suit our audiences of small groups of people – all with a similar level of optometric knowledge,’ said Christopher Mody, clinical programme manager of Heidelberg.

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    5. Heidelberg completes CET programme

      Heidelberg completes CET programme

      Heidelberg Engineering has completed a three-month national peer discussion programme that provided OCT training for 300 practitioners. Peer discussion sessions entitled OCT in Acute Vision Loss took place in the Wirral, Oxford, Manchester, Sheffield, Hemel Hempstead, Leeds, Epsom and Wolverhampton. A variety of case studies and peer discussions were presented by Christopher Mody (pictured), Heidelberg Engineering’s clinical programme manager.

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    6. Heidelberg starts up direct UK distribution

      Heidelberg starts up direct UK distribution

      German manufacturer of optical instruments Heidelberg has established a UK subsidiary ending a long-standing distribution deal with Haag-Streit UK. Heidelberg opened new offices in Hemel Hempstead at the start of the month for its new UK unit Heidelberg Engineering, which will distribute its range of imaging and perimetry products. In a joint statement, the companies said radical changes taking place within NHS procurement for new ophthalmic technologies had prompted the move. Krysten Williams, general manager of Heidelberg Engineering, said: 'The unprecedented growth of the spectral domain OCT market in recent years, combined with the rapid advancements in OCT technology and ...

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    7. 25% of Optometry Practices Planning to invest in OCT

      25% of Optometry Practices Planning to invest in OCT
      A third of optical practices are planning to invest in new technology in the coming year with optical coherence tomography (OCT) and imaging continuing to be the drivers and Optrafair the possible place to buy. According to exclusive research by Optician on behalf of Birmingham Optical Group, 38 per cent of independent practices and 17 per cent of multiple practices are intending to buy equipment in the next 12 months. Top of the shopping list for practices are fundus cameras (26 per cent), OCTs (23 per cent) and pachymeters (20 per cent). A further 12 per cent said they intended ...
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    8. Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis has been given approval by EU regulators to purchase a 52 per cent stake in eye care company Alcon in addition to the 25 per cent it already owns

      Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis has been given approval by EU regulators to purchase a 52 per cent stake in eye care company Alcon in addition to the 25 per cent it already owns
      Novartis will be allowed to buy the stake from current owner Nestlé after agreeing to divest several products in the ophthalmological, pharmaceutical and consumer eye care sectors in the EU. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is supporting the Sight Care Group's 'Eye Love My Local Independent Optician' campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of independent local optical practices. Senior product manager of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care for UK and Ireland Shirley Bovonsombat said: 'Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is proud to be supporting a campaign that gives the independent sector a voice. We look forward to working with the Sight ...
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    9. OCT will be a draw at show

      Zeiss, Grafton, Haag Streit and Topcon will exhibit their latest scanners, which enable practices to provide in-depth pre-screening and clinical care for charges of between £25 and £150 for a four-minute procedure. Andy Yorke, managing director of Topcon said: 'The ability to look beyond the retinal surface into the sub-retinal layers presents us with diagnostic opportunities not seen before and provides the clinician with the ability to detect eye diseases much earlier.'
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