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    1. Image-guidance in ophthalmic surgery using optical coherence tomography (Thesis)

      Image-guidance in ophthalmic surgery using optical coherence tomography (Thesis)

      Ophthalmic surgery involves manipulation of layered tissue structures on milli- to micrometer scales. Traditional surgical microscopes provide a two-dimensional view of the surgical field with limited depth perception which precludes accurate depth-resolved visualization of surgically-induced tissue morphology. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) enables non-contact exogenous contrast-free imaging of subsurface tissue microstructures, and is currently the gold standard for ophthalmic clinical diagnostics. Over the last decade, translation of OCT technologies to applications in surgical planning and guidance in ophthalmology has been an active area of research and commercialization. Clinical studies confirmed benefits of intraoperative OCT including verification that surgical goals have been ...

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