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    1. Novel waveguide increases superluminescent output

      Novel waveguide increases superluminescent output

      A partnershipbetween Polish and Japanese researchers claims to have set a new benchmark for the combination of output power and smoothness of spectral output for GaN superluminescent diodes. This team’s emitter features a ‘J-shaped’ waveguide and could be used in fibre-optic gyroscopes and optical coherence tomography. Both applications require a light source that combines a high degree of spatial coherence with low time coherence. These conditions are met with the superluminescent diodes. They were developed in the arsenide material system in the 1970s, but the shorter wavelengths emitted by GaN-based materials are beneficial.

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    2. High-power SLED delivers broad spectrum

      A superluminescent LED has for the first time been engineered to exhibit high output power as well as a broadband emission spectrum. By carefully controlling the annealing process parameters, a team from the UK and China has successfully fabricated a quantum-dot (QD) based SLED that has the sought-after combination of high output power and broadband emission. The novel emitter has a bandwidth of 146 nm and a continuous-wave output power of 15 mW at room temperature (Optics Letters 33 1210). "Although similar bandwidths have been reported at longer wavelengths, we have achieved a broad emission spectrum centered at 980 nm ...
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