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    1. Thorlabs Extends OCT Offering to Include Spectral-Domain Polarization-Sensitive Device

      Thorlabs Extends OCT Offering to Include Spectral-Domain Polarization-Sensitive Device

      Thorlabs announced today that it has expanded its well-established Telesto™ OCT line to include two complete imaging systems that offer polarization-sensitive detection. With this new release, the TEL210PSC2 and TEL220PSC2 become the first commercially available Polarization-Sensitive Spectral-Domain OCT systems on the market, providing a new standard for highly reproducible and robust 2D and 3D imaging and analysis of polarizing samples. As with Thorlabs’ previously released Telesto OCT technologies, these new systems are available in both long-range (TEL210PS) and general-purpose (TEL220PS – 5.5 µm axial resolution) variants. Each offers the same low roll-off and high sensitivity performance found in other members ...

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    2. Electrical Design Engineer - Thorlabs Advanced Imaging Group

      Knowledge & Skills: Design and fabricate new products; modify existing designs, improve production techniques and develop test procedures Design mechanical enclosures for electronics and electro-mechanical devices Resolve problems using solutions that involve new techniques, technologies or concepts Create and support detailed work instructions and procedures, diagrams, drawings, and electrical schematics for manufacturing and technical support teams Create and support end user documentation including operating manuals and specification descriptions Work within established safety and quality standards Requirements: BS in Electrical Engineering (EE) or Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) 5 or more years of Analog and Digital Circuit Design experience with emphasis on closed-loop ...
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