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    1. CET of the highest calibre at Optrafair 2019

      CET of the highest calibre at Optrafair 2019

      ‘I came to the Specsavers CET stand at Optrafair last year and I thought it was really good for networking and to keep you in the networking mindset. Also, it’s nice to get CET points! I think right now – because of OCT being quite big – I think it’s important to engage as much as you can because every time you go to the lectures you pick up something new on OCT at the moment. I’m always looking for any kind of help on OCT. I’ve learnt a lot just now in this lecture and I’ve ...

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    2. Increasing the scope of clinical practice

      Increasing the scope of clinical practice

      The optical team at Specsavers in Cambridge are now even more focused on detecting signs of glaucoma in customers, with three of their optometrists achieving the post-graduate Professional Certificate in Glaucoma. Optometrist and store director Kam Dhillon explained why he and two other optometrists, all with extensive clinical experience, decided to increase their clinical scope: ‘As glaucoma is the second biggest cause of blindness in the world but with no symptoms in the early stages, and many people unaware that they have it, I felt it important for myself, and our optometrists Chloe Ford and Claire Morris to continue to ...

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    3. OCT rollout announced for all Specsavers stores

      OCT rollout announced for all Specsavers stores

      Specsavers is to invest in a multi-million pound programme to offer optical coherence tomography (OCT) to patients in each of its 740 practices across the UK. The nationwide rollout begins next month and is expected to be completed within two years. Around 35 practices already offer OCT. Specsavers co-founder and optometrist, Doug Perkins , says: ‘This is simply the right thing to do in terms of offering our patients a choice of the best possible technology in their eye examination. ‘By allowing us to examine the eye in more detail than ever before, the OCT scan will help us to identify ...

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