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    1. Harnessing the power of Spectral Domain and Swept-Source OCT to improve patient care

      Harnessing the power of Spectral Domain and Swept-Source OCT to improve patient care

      The SPECTRALIS ® diagnostic imaging platform – a powerful combination of confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (cSLO), spectral domain OCT (SD-OCT) and patented eye-tracking technology – has set high standards for multi-modal retinal imaging for over a decade. Since continuity of data is vital to accurate assessment of disease progression, Heidelberg Engineering has and will continue to optimise SD-OCT technology for the posterior segment while evaluating other OCT technologies that can deliver innovative solutions with real clinical benefits. In parallel, Heidelberg Engineering has optimised the longer wavelength and lower sensitivity roll-off of swept-source OCT for imaging the anterior segment . The ANTERION ® offers topography, tomography ...

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    2. Spectralis OCT Atlas launched by Heidelberg Engineering

      Spectralis OCT Atlas launched by Heidelberg Engineering

      Extensive images and clear labelling feature in a new Optical Coherence Tomography Atlas, specifically for users of the advanced scanning provided by Heidelberg Engineering’s SPECTRALIS OCT. Designed to help educate SPECTRALIS users in the interpretation of OCT imaging and the evaluation of various disease states, it has been produced for Heidelberg Engineering by Washington-based Consultant Vitreo Retinal Surgeon, Neal Adams. As Editor-in-Chief of the Peer Reviewed EYE REPORT, Neal has ensured great clarity of presentation to make this an easy electronic reference tool. “This is not a diagnostic guide, and no substitute for clinical experience and judgement, but a ...

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