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    1. OCT angiography moves beyond ophthalmic applications

      OCT angiography moves beyond ophthalmic applications

      OCT angiography moves beyond ophthalmic applications 10 May 2016 Wasatch Photonics platform brings the technique to a broader range of bioimaging uses. OCT angiography: structural and blood flow information. A new imaging platform launched by Wasatch Photonics aims to widen the range of applications for high-resolution optical coherence tomography angiography, and enhance the versatility of the technique for both researchers and OEM manufacturers. OCT angiography has already made inroads into clinical ophthalmology, where its non-invasive ability to provide both structural and blood-flow information via functional OCT without the need for fluorescent markers offers an attractive way to map retinal and ...

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    2. OCT variant looks good for vascular imaging

      OCT variant looks good for vascular imaging

      Researchers in New York have shown that a variation of optical coherence tomography (OCT) is able to tell melanomas apart from other skin lesions, by imaging the patterns of blood vessels that surround them. The small, early-stage study suggests that speckle-variance (sv) OCT could become a useful clinical tool for quickly identifying the most dangerous form of skin cancer, although a larger clinical trial of the technique will be needed to prove its utility first. Writing in the open access journal Dermatology Online , Orit Markowitz and colleagues looked at two pairs of malignant and benign lesions that are typically difficult ...

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    3. European pilot lines get ready for action

      European pilot lines get ready for action

      PIX4LIFE: (bio)photonic integrated circuits Introducing the “PIX4LIFE” effort at the same Brussels meeting, project co-ordinator Wolfgang Eberle from the IMEC electronics development institute in nearby Leuven said the focus would be on health and life science applications. PIX4LIFE will provide open access to CMOS-compatible silicon nitride (SiN) photonic integrated circuit (PIC) production technology, with a specific focus on biophotonics techniques including optical coherence tomography (OCT) and cytometry. Initial open access production runs are scheduled to begin before the end of 2017, but Eberle emphasized that ideas were already being sought. The €8.5 million project aims to showcase PIC-based ...

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    4. Laser Zentrum Hannover develops presbyopia laser surgery model

      Laser Zentrum Hannover develops presbyopia laser surgery model

      A research effort involving Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) in Germany is developing a new, laser-based treatment for presbyopia – the condition that impacts near vision in people from around the age of 40 onwards. At the moment presbyopia – caused by the age-related stiffening of the lens in those affected – is usually treated with simple solutions like reading or bifocal glasses, with multi-focal contact lenses from the likes of Bausch + Lomb becoming available more recently. Some laser procedures have also been developed, but if successful the LZH-led project could lead to a "gentle" new femtosecond laser technique that makes tiny cuts in ...

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    5. Zeiss Meditec sales cruise past €1BN

      Zeiss Meditec sales cruise past €1BN

      Carl Zeiss Meditec , the healthcare equipment division of the German optics giant Zeiss, has smashed its annual revenue target after posting sales in excess of €1 billion for the first time. At €1.04 billion, the publicly listed company’s revenues for the year ending September 30 were up 14 per cent on the previous 12 months . And although the weak euro currency accounts for nearly half of that growth rate, the result still saw the company’s stock price rise close to a 15-year high on the Frankfurt exchange. Leading the charge was Meditec’s surgical ophthalmology division, where ...

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    6. Opsens eyes C$5M public offering

      Opsens eyes C$5M public offering

      Opsens , the Canada-based producer of fiber-optic sensors, is aiming to raise C$5 million in a new public offering of shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange. News of the offering comes shortly after the Quebec-based firm announced plans to move into a new facility as it looked to ramp production in early 2016. Opsens says that it is selling around 5.7 million stock "units" in co-operation with lead agent Paradigm Capital, as well as RBC Capital Markets and M Partners, Inc. The cash is set to be used to "prepare the commercialization and marketing strategy" of its fiber-optic pressure ...

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    7. Sales and profit up at Gooch & Housego

      Sales and profit up at Gooch & Housego

      Despite the closure of the its Florida operations a year ago, the G&H ranks have since swelled, with the company employing some 700 people as of September 30 (up from 664 a year earlier). In his statement, Webster highlighted a more targeted effort in research and development, where the company is now focused on a smaller number of projects run by a global R&D group. With industrial applications still representing nearly 60 per cent of G&H sales in fiscal 2015, one of the company’s ongoing priorities is to generate more revenues from the life sciences. Sales ...

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    8. Compact Imaging sees OCT in smartphones, tablets and wearables.

      Compact Imaging sees OCT in smartphones, tablets and wearables.

      The capabilities of optical coherence tomography (OCT) as a non-contact imaging technique have become readily apparent since it first made inroads into ophthalmology clinics in the 1990s, but the inherent size and complexity of the instrumental platforms have conspired to keep it out of lower-cost or consumer-based applications. That may now be about to change, with the development of a new OCT platform christened multiple reference OCT (MR-OCT) by Compact Imaging , a California start-up with strong Irish connections. The company believes MR-OCT offers a way to bring the technique's biometric and imaging capabilities to applications where cost and form-factor ...

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    9. Optical coherence tomography 'reducing heart attacks'

      Optical coherence tomography 'reducing heart attacks'

      APPLICATIONS < Previous | Next > | Table of Contents Optical coherence tomography 'reducing heart attacks' 21 May 2015 Imaging technique appears to improve outcomes for cardiac patients being fitted with coronary stents, finds large-scale trial. OCT guidance Clinical trials to assess the effectiveness of optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging ahead of cardiac stent surgery is helping physicians make better interventions, and leading to better patient outcomes – including a reduced rate of heart attacks. That’s according to St Jude Medical (SJM) , the US-based medical equipment company whose OCT technology is currently the subject of two large-scale studies. In those trials, conducted on more ...

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    10. GSI outlines post-JK strategy

      GSI outlines post-JK strategy

      US-based GSI Group says that its wide-ranging efforts to realign the business around laser, medical and precision motion technologies is now largely complete – following the sale of its fiber laser division JK Lasers to Trumpf subsidiary SPI Lasers last month . CEO John Roush told an investor conference call to discuss the Massachusetts firm’s latest financial results: “In the end, the high-power fiber laser materials processing application of JK did not have synergy with our other product lines, sales channels or infrastructure. So selling the business and redeployment the capital into our core businesses was definitely the right move for ...

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    11. OCT firm Michelson Diagnostics closes £2.5m 'Series B' funding

      OCT firm Michelson Diagnostics closes £2.5m 'Series B' funding

      Michelson Diagnostics , the UK-based medical device company focused on multi-beam Optical Coherence Tomography technology, has closed the £2.5m first tranche of its “Series B” financing, led by strategic investor and medical specialist Smith & Nephew alongside new investor Kent County Council as well as existing investors. The £2.5m investment will be used to expand Michelson Diagnostics’ commercial presence in Germany; launch the Company’s next generation VivoSight OCT tissue-imaging system; complete the ongoing US multi-center clinical biopsy avoidance study; and explore further applications in wound care and dentistry. VivoSight is a point-of-care tissue-imaging system that for the first time ...

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    12. Zeiss Meditec sales hit by currency fluctuations

      Zeiss Meditec sales hit by currency fluctuations

      Shares in Carl Zeiss Meditec , the clinical wing of the optics and microscopy giant, dropped in value by around 6 per cent on the Frankfurt stock exchange after the company just missed its annual sales target. For the year ending September 30, the Germany-headquartered firm delivered revenues of €909 million. That was up very slightly on the figure of €906 million for the previous year, but below the range of €910 million to €940 million estimated back in May – something blamed largely on currency effects. CEO Ludwin Monz said of the result: “In spite of adverse currency trends and to ...

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    13. Retinal imaging study to focus on early intervention

      Retinal imaging study to focus on early intervention

      UK firm Optos in potential £10M collaboration aiming for early detection of sight-threatening diseases. Optomap retinal imaging A new laser-based imaging technology for early detection of a range of serious eye diseases is set for a clinical study in the UK. Dunfermline-based Optos , which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, will work with Kent and Strathclyde Universities to develop a system that monitors the function of cells in patients’ eyes. The technology will then be used in clinical trials in Scotland, with the aim of detecting major sight-threatening diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy in ...

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    14. OCT systems sales 'to double' to €1bn by 2019

      OCT systems sales 'to double' to €1bn by 2019

      Despite the apparent saturation of optical coherence tomography systems in the ophthalmology markets of developed countries, the distinct OCT market for healthcare and life science sectors is still expected to grow from around €500 million in 2013 to around €1b in 2019. This is one of the conclusions of a new market sector report from analyst company Tematys , Paris, France. The report, Optical Coherence Tomography for Healthcare and Life Science: Technology and Market Trends , available from September 30, says that there will be “strong demand from new biomedical applications, continuous development of innovative OCT technologies, as well as strong demand ...

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    15. Imaging of blood flow reveals effects of drug use

      Imaging of blood flow reveals effects of drug use

      maging techniques that can reveal the direct effects of drugs on blood flow in the brain are a key to understanding the physiological underpinnings of drug abuse, and hence a potential route to superior treatments. Optical coherence Doppler tomography (ODT) is one promising answer, able to deliver quantitative visual information about the behavior of blood vessels, and provide valuable functional data about what happens to them under different stimuli and conditions. Researchers at Stony Brook University , New York, and the National Institutes of Health have now used the technique to image the effect of cocaine on cerebral blood flow in ...

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    16. Gooch & Housego sets up CEO succession

      Gooch & Housego sets up CEO succession

      Gareth Jones, the CEO who has overseen more than a decade of business expansion at Gooch & Housego (G&H) , is set to step down from the role at the end of this year. In a management succession plan announced in a statement to the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the UK-headquartered company said that Mark Webster would take over on January 1, 2015, following a spell as deputy CEO that will begin August 18. Currently serving on the company’s board as a non-executive director, Webster is a chemistry graduate and has spent more than two decades working in the healthcare ...

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    17. Super-resolution and origami microscopes scoop R&D 100 awards

      Super-resolution and origami microscopes scoop R&D 100 awards

      Super-resolution microscopes from Carl Zeiss and Leica Microsystems are among more than a dozen optics and photonics innovations to win one of this year’s R&D 100 Awards. Intended to recognize the 100 “most technologically significant products” introduced over the past year, the list also includes an all-fiber isolator from AdValue Photonics, an optical coherence tomography (OCT) diagnostic endoscope developed by NinePoint Medical, and a lunar laser communication system co-developed by NASA and MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. In the microscopy sector, the R&D Magazine judging panel selected several winners, with Zeiss noted for the latest incarnation of its ...

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    18. Intraocular lenses and Japan tax hike drive Meditec growth

      Intraocular lenses and Japan tax hike drive Meditec growth

      In his letter to shareholders, Monz also highlighted the recent introduction of the first ophthalmic surgery microscope to feature an integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) camera as evidence of the company’s ongoing innovation. “The unique combination of two established Zeiss gold standards means we can now offer surgeons more comprehensive visualization during surgery, which enables better treatment results,” Monz wrote. Fierce competition in diagnostics Though growing fast, the surgical ophthalmology business unit remains Meditec’s smallest, accounting for €73.4 million of sales in the six months to the end of March. Multifocal and premium toric lenses developed recently ...

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    19. Thorlabs expands global operations to Montreal

      Thorlabs expands global operations to Montreal

      For production of fiber-based systems for OCT and more, also to be sales and support center for Canada. Now in Canada: Alex Cable Founder & President Thorlabs. Thorlabs , headquartered in Newton, NJ, USA, has announced that it has added a new R&D and manufacturing site to its global operations. Based in Montreal, Thorlabs Canada ULC will focus on the development and production of a range of innovative passive fiber-based optical components. The opening of the Canadian operation expands the company's geographical footprint, which now includes 13 manufacturing entities in nine countries over four continents. The Montreal team, currently four ...

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    20. Funding boost for Gooch and Housego

      Funding boost for Gooch and Housego

      UK-headquartered Gooch and Housego (G&H) has won £0.8 million in government support via the UK’s Regional Growth Fund (RGF). The company, which says it will use the grant from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to boost investment in its new systems technology business unit in Torbay, was one of 37 companies selected for RGF support in the fifth round of the competitive fund . In total, the RGF is expected to hand out £3.2 billion to UK businesses over seven years. “The objective is to build a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in mechanical, electronic ...

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    21. GSI finds buyer for Continuum laser business for $7.5M

      GSI finds buyer for Continuum laser business for $7.5M

      Scientific laser unit set to be sold for just $7.5 million, pending due diligence. Scanning products, which GSI sells under its well-known Cambridge Technology brand, saw growth throughout 2013, ending up 8 per cent higher for the full year thanks to increased orders from applications including optical coherence tomography for retinal scanning, via hole drilling used in the microelectronics industry, and the emerging field of 3D printing.

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    22. Zeiss Meditec hits growth target

      Zeiss Meditec hits growth target

      Carl Zeiss Meditec says that despite ongoing market volatility it will continue to spend heavily on research and development activity, in a bid to ensure that it stays ahead in an increasingly competitive market. The Germany-headquartered company, which specializes in photonics-based healthcare technologies, made the comments as it posted a 5 per cent increase in annual revenues in its latest financial year. Sales of €906.4 million were near the upper end of the firm’s earlier predicted range, and improved margins delivered earnings before deductions for interest and tax of €133.9 million, up from €122.9 million last ...

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    23. Wasatch Photonics launches 1300nm OCT system

      Wasatch Photonics launches 1300nm OCT system

      A new system from optical imaging company Wasatch Photonics could provide greater contrast and deeper sub-surface imaging than competitive techniques, the developer claims. The system could be used in the fields of material inspection and medical diagnosis, including cardiovascular and dermatological research, leading to faster and more accurate analyses. Wasatch Photonics, based in Logan, UT, USA, has developed a spectral-domain optical coherence tomography system in the 1300 nm wavelength range. The Utah-headquartered firm also has locations in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina and Purdue Research Park.

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    24. UK minister opens Gooch & Housego extension

      UK minister opens Gooch & Housego extension

      Vince Cable, the UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, has opened a factory extension at photonics company Gooch & Housego ’s growing site in Torquay. The visit represents just the latest in a series of trips to optics and photonics facilities in the UK by the minister, who in recent months has also visited LED maker Plessey in Plymouth, industrial laser firm Rofin-Sinar’s site in Hull, and Southampton-based Trumpf subsidiary SPI Lasers. As well as expanding both its office and manufacturing capacity at the Torquay plant to meet increased demand for its products, last month saw Gooch ...

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