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    1. Life-Saving Filter Technology Attracts $7.5 Million from Local Investors

      Life-Saving Filter Technology Attracts $7.5 Million from Local Investors
      Banas and Castella have a long and impressive history of product development and commercializing medical devices. In 2003, Banas and his partner in Advanced Bio Prosthetic Surfaces, Dr. Julio Palmaz ( inventor of the balloon expandable stent), licensed a unique NITINOL stent technologies to Cordis, a division of Johnson & Johnson. Xenotope Diagnostics' co-founder and CEO, Castella, licensed worldwide manufacturing and sales rights for a unique rapid-test technology developed by Xenetope to Genzyme Corporation in 2004. Then in 2005, Banas and Castella co-founded CardioSpectra, another medical device company, which they sold to Volcano Corporation in late 2007. "When we saw Dr. Luis ...
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