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    1. Michelson Diagnostics to demonstrate prototype hand-held OCT Probe at BIOS 09

      Michelson Diagnostics to demonstrate prototype hand-held OCT Probe at BIOS 09
      Michelson Diagnostics has announced that it will demonstrate its prototype multi-beam Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) probe at the BIOS Exhibition at SPIE Photonics West, San Jose, 24-25th January 2009 (Stand 8731). More than one variant of the new probe will be launched later in 2009, including a dermal version (with X-Y scanning, to enable 3D mapping of skin lesions) and a version equipped with a rigid endoscope, suitable for oral applications. "We will be applying for a CE-mark for the product enabling sale for clinical use in Europe, in the spring 2009 time-frame" said Jon Holmes, Chief Executive, "followed by ...
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    2. Michelson Diagnostics Diversifies into Non-Medical Market

      Michelson Diagnostics Diversifies into Non-Medical Market
      Reacting to strong customer demand, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd (MDL) is broadening the commercial application of its unique 'multibeam' Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology into markets outside its core target of cancer diagnosis. These include such diverse areas as industrial metrology, product inspection, tissue engineering and developmental biology. "We are reacting to customers who have realised that the superior image definition provided by our patented multi-beam OCT technology is very advantageous in their applications", said MDL CEO Jon Holmes. "For a given depth of focus, you get twice the resolution, (or, for a given resolution, four times the focal depth), compared ...
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    3. Optics/Electronics Technician at Michelson Diagnostics

      Optics/Electronics Technician Salary £25k-30k depending on skills & experience Michelson Diagnostics Ltd, a high-growth medical imaging instruments company based in Orpington, Kent, requires a technician with optics/electronics skills for production assembly & test and customer support. The ideal candidate will have experience of: · Assembling and aligning optical instruments · Electronics wiring & test · System check-out and performance testing · Quality control and documentation · Installation & commissioning of equipment at customer premises · Responsive customer technical support (on- and off-site) The technician will be located at the company's premises at Grays Farm Road, Orpington, but will also be expected to perform a limited amount of ...
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    4. National Physical Laboratory purchases state-of-the art OCT scanner from Michelson Diagnostics for ground breaking research

      The UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has taken delivery of a state-of-the-art Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanner from Kent-based Michelson Diagnostics Ltd. The OCT scanner will be used in NPL’s leading-edge research into quantifying results from this new type of medical imaging technology
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    5. Michelson Diagnostics Announces Development of In-Vivo OCT Probes

      Press Release: For immediate release 17 March 2008 Michelson Diagnostics Announces Development of In-Vivo OCT probes (177 Words) Cancer imaging technology company Michelson Diagnostics Ltd (MDL) has announced that it has commenced the engineering phase of its development of probes for in-vivo imaging with optical coherence tomography (OCT). According to MDL Applications Director Dr Gordon McKenzie, more than one type of probe will start clinical testing during 2008. The probes will be suitabl
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    6. Successful OCT imaging of oral cancer tissue announced by MDL and UCH

      Tests by University College Hospital have demonstrated the breakthrough imaging quality of Michelson Diagnostics' optical imaging technology. Expectations are that OCT could revolutionise the surveillance of pre-cancers in the mouth; eliminate the waiting time for biopsy results and minimise surgery through improved disease mapping.
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