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    1. Zeiss: Senior Systems Engineer

      Research and Development JOB TITLE: Senior Systems Engineer The Senior Systems Design Engineer will architect, design, specify and validate systems and subsystems; develop algorithms; and contribute to overall system architecture and design. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (Responsibilities that are central to the job and MUST be performed either unaided, or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation, ref. ADA.) Provide direction and leadership to a cross-functional product development team in system architecture and design. Work with Marketing, Mechanical, Electrical, Optics, and Software engineers to define, analyze, detail, and document specifications for tradeoffs, performance, features, controls, and operation of products into a form ...
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    2. Zeiss: Sr. Program Manager - Cirrus™ HD-OCT Product

      JOB TITLE: Sr. Program Manager - Cirrus™ HD-OCT Product JOB SUMMARY: The Senior Program Manager is responsible for managing specific product related projects in R&D. Plans and directs program schedules. Monitors program from project initiation through delivery, interfacing with in-house staff on technical matters. Organizes interdepartmental activities ensuring completion of the program on schedule and within budget constraints. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Maintain currency of, and adhere to applicable GMP and ISO 9001 processes and procedures. Abide by state and federal employment laws. Manage all ophthalmic imaging related projects in R&D. Contribute directly to the development of system requirements through expertise ...
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    3. Carl Zeiss Meditec OCT News

      Spectral Domain of the product The main benefit — A Revolutionary New Technology Carl Zeiss Meditec unveils new Cirrus HD-OCT system, the newest member of their Retinal Imaging Adio diam nonse tis eugait ver ipiscin iamcon Family. Carl Zeiss Meditec unveiled Cirrus HDOCT, its new high iamconsequip etue Adio diam nonse tis eugait ver ipiscin definition spectral domain retinal deliquamet at the doluptat augiam alisissed dio el iritOCT system, adipisi November 2006 dolor
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