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      On 8/26/12 mebrezin said:
      See "Current capabilities and challenges for optical coherence tomography as a high-impact cardiovascular imaging modality.
      Brezinski ME. Circulation. 2011 Jun 28;123(25):2913-5. " for explanation of need for improved lipid imaging.

      See "PHYSICAL REVIEW A 78, 063824 2008" for theory of the approach.
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      On 8/28/12 Steve280 said:
      Are SOC photons entangled photons?
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      On 8/31/12 mebrezin said:
      SOC, with respect to photons, are when photon pairs register at two different detectors correlated in space, time, or state (ex:spin or polarization). Their are actually at least four type. The first are essentially classical coincidences and their density operators are separable. The second are entangled photons where after interaction of two photons (or entanglement swapping with the Brune experiments being examples), there eigenvalues are correlated independent of the basis chosen. Example would be the the Einstein, Rosen, Podolsky, Bohm thought experiments (EPR-B) which people are generally familiar with. Pure entangelemnt does not require indistinguishable pats but are used for interference experiments. The last two deal with in quantum correlations with result from the indistinguishable paths. The first uses indistinguishable paths, but their is a 50% DC signal which if not removed, results in 50% visibility (true entanglement can reach 100% visibility. The quantum correlations can only occur if the paths are indistinguishable AT THE TIME OF MEASUREMENT, so the length of the photon wavepacket and detector time influence it. This is not the case for true entanglement, but quantum correlations from indistinguishable paths may be more robust to deocherence then entanglement. This is in our PRA paper, Shih's textbook "An Introduction to Quantum Optics: Photons and BiPhotons", or the ghost imaging literature. The fourth relates to first order indistingusihable paths and nearly identical LOCAL entanglements in each arm. This we believe is the basis of the recent "Entangled Diamond experiment" in Science but is too detailed a discussion and should be published by our group in the near future. Sorry for the long answer but to summarize the grant deals with quantum correlations from thermal SOC photons and not entangled SOC photons.
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      On 8/31/12 mebrezin said:
      Addenum: No vacuum is needed, photons are produced at normal intensities for OCT, and conditions are ambient. This is distinct from entangled photons.
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      On 9/6/12 mebrezin said:
      For more information on the different SOC in addition to entangled photons, see http://arxiv.org/abs/1209.1081

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