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      On 4/16/18 znamenska said:
      Dear Eric,
      here is the link to a free demo-version web-platform for artificial intelligence in OCT-scans interpretation.


      Dr. Maria Znamenska
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      On 10/4/18 RIyer said:
      Your Name: Ram Iyer

      Your Institution: Texas Tech University

      URL Link (if applicable): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29994760

      Summary of Information: A new method to compute the true mean curvature, pachymetry, and elevation simultaneously over a central region of the cornea is reported. The method requires only about 100 data points along rays separated by 45 degrees as is common in ASOCTs. These quantities are computed from a surface reconstructed from data that is optimal in the sense of prediction error. The method is validated for synthetic corneal surfaces with known parameters, and applications to a normal, forme-fruste, and advanced keratoconic corneas are presented.

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