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    1. In Simulated and measured optical coherence tomography images of human enamel:

      Pigtail Catheter is exclusively used for abscess drainage such as bile, urine or pancreatic fluids. Only trained man power only should install and use Pigtail Catheter in order to avoid injuries in the track. A range of Polymers are used for the construction of Pigtail Catheters including silicone rubber, latex, and thermoplastic elastomers. The most common material for manufacturing Pigtail Catheter is silicone because it is inert and un reactive to body fluids and a range of medical fluids with which it might come into contact.
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      On 8/28/12 mebrezin said:
      Is this comment about the pigtail catheter related to the enamel article above it?

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    2. In Help Crowd Power OCT News: Share your journal articles, press releases, job & studentship openings, calendar events, and more with the OCT community.:

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      On 7/10/12 dnysather said:
      The American Glaucoma Society is co-sponsoring a Workshop with the FDA. The Workshop will focus on the Validity, Reliabilty and Usability of Glaucoma Imaging Devices. It will be held Friday, October 5, 2012 at the FDA Whit Oak Campus in Silver Spring, MD. For more information visit the AGS website www.americanglaucomasociety.net

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    3. In Help Crowd Power OCT News: Share your journal articles, press releases, job & studentship openings, calendar events, and more with the OCT community.:

      Denise A. Valenti, OD, FAAO
      I find this website very beneficial.
      As a researcher in the field of vision and neurodegenerative disease it (as with all vision scientists) is challenging to keep up with the literature. The recent posting of occipital damage and retrograde retina changes is such an example. I was not aware of this exciting work. thank you for this website.
      Dr. Valenti
      Your Welcome!

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    4. In Innovations in imaging for chronic total occlusions: a glimpse into the future of angiography’s blind-spot:

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      On 11/24/11 mebrezin said:
      This is a potentially huge area for cardiovascular OCT. Chronic occlusions are extremely difficult to get through as the wire often 'wants' to track through the vessel wall than the hard plaque. OCT guidance could potentially avoid this substantial and common challenge.

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    5. In Optical Coherence Tomography Assessment of the Effect of High-pressure Non-compliant Balloon Postdilation on Underexpansion and Malapposition in Drug-eluting Stents:

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      On 11/23/11 mebrezin said:
      This study is a confirmatory observation which is nice, but the field has been for years in desperate need of outcomes studies. Outcomes studies effect patient management because look at the effects of patient parameters (stent position) and not outcomes. In the BES, maximum expansion was critical. In the era of DES, it does not seem to be case but it is not addressed here. Essentially as a cardiologist, the only point I need to know is whether improved expansion of the stent effects the incidence of late occlusion Not addressed here. This confirms IVUS work, DES stents aren't maximally expanded, but does it matter. This criticism is not a unique to these authors. OCT has been in patient arteries for approaching 12 years. But studies that look at outcome are almost non-existent on a relative scale. Outcome studies are more work because you have to follow patients and statistical analysis is more challanging (as well as design). Does this change patient management? As far as I can see no. If this was an outcome study, publishing the year 1 results gives you the same information here, plus you know outcomes at the end of the study. These observational studies make for great pictures, but it long been time to answer whether outcomes change.

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    6. In OCT News Needs Your Help To Maintain Your Email Subscription:

      Thank you for your time to filter and supply us so much valuable information these years.

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    7. In Gooch & Housego makes tellurium dioxide move:

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      On 4/8/11 Andrew said:
      Please note that if you would like more details on the OCT components and Sub-assemblies supplied to Michelson Diagnostics by Gooch and Housego, these can be found under the "News" section of the Goccha and Housego website, www.goochandhousego.com

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    8. In Will 2011 be seen as a “Tipping Point” for Industrial Contribution to the Advancement of the Field of Optical Coherence Tomography?:

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      On 3/17/11 emgreen5 said:
      What product has LenSx launched utilizing OCT? Investigation into LenSx's website didn't yield much. Was it launched under Alcon's name?

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    9. In Optical coherent tomographic (OCT) imaging apparatus and method using a fiber bundle:

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      On 10/21/10 John Sibney said:
      Since 2004, Moptim imaging technical Ltd has cooperated with Graduate school at shenzhen Tsinghua University of China in OCT (optical coherence Tomography)。

      Recently ,we had developed some products : Non-invasive optical section for gems(OSG-1000), the OCT instrument for macular and the OCT instrument for anteror segment. Among these products,OSG-1000 is the leading technique in the world ;as the other two devices have been developed , the situation that the domestic market is monopolized by foreign products will be broken by them and they will also promote the development of ophthalmology.

      Moptim will keep on devoting itself to scientific research and technological development on medical instruments and provide high performance and high quality products at a fair price. We also determine to improve the quality of every product we do and to fulfill our responsibilities as a global enterprise.
      We provide OCT OSE-1200 and OSE-2000,both of them is only 25,000$, it's stable,so we think our products are really competitive.
      If you need more detailed information about OCT, you can send a Email or have a call to me.

      John Sibney from Sales Department

      Shenzhen MOPTIM Imaging Technique Co., Ltd.
      Add: Rm 1401, Shenzhen University-town Business Park, Xili Town, Nanshan District, 518055 Shenzhen, P.R.China
      Tel: 86-755-86325015, +86 150 1368 4767 (China) Fax: 86-755-86325994
      Website: http://www.moptim.cn , BBS:http://moptim.5d6d.com

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    10. In Jim Fujimoto video: Biophotonics and optical coherence tomography:

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      On 1/25/10 Eric Swanson said:
      Great video Jim!

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    11. In The Evolution of Spectral Domain OCT:

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    12. In Successful OCT Imaging Of Oral Cancer Tissue Announced By MDL And UCH, UK:

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      On 2/18/08 Aneesh Alex said:
      It is really a very great achievement. Well done! But it will be better to include some description about the image quality and its resolution. They could have displayed possibly some images obtained also.
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      On 2/18/08 Eric Swanson said:
      I agree some images and quantative description would be nice. I suspect this announcement went out on the news wires which sometimes restrict format and don't allow much in the way of pictures. I expect we will see some journal articles with more information appear soon.
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      On 2/26/08 JonHolmes said:
      Thanks for the encouragement!
      Our press release does include some OCT images, but the news wires did not print it. The press release with a sample image is available on our website at http://www.md-ltd.co.uk/press/2008/Michelson_Diagnostics_01-08_UCH_results.pdf

      Recent testing on a USAF 1951 target shows that we can resolve < 7.5 microns in the lateral resolution over 1 mm imaging depth - a capability made possible with our 'multi-beam' technology - and < 10 microns in the axial resolution, using the latest Santec wide-sweep laser.

      I hope this helps!
      Jon Holmes, CEO, Michelson Diagnostics Ltd

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