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    1. Optically based-indentation technique for acute rat brain tissue slices and thin biomaterials

      Optically based-indentation technique for acute rat brain tissue slices and thin biomaterials
      Currently, micro-indentation testing of soft biological materials is limited in its capability to test over long time scales due to accumulated instrumental drift errors. As a result, there is a paucity of measures for mechanical properties such as the equilibrium modulus. In this study, indentation combined with optical coherence tomography (OCT) was used for mechanical testing of thin tissue slices. OCT was used to measure the surface deformation profiles after placing spherical beads onto submerged test samples. Agarose-based hydrogels at low-concentrations (w/v, 0.3–0.6%) and acute rat brain tissue slices were tested using this technique over a ...
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    2. Laryngeal epithelial thickness: a comparison between optical coherence tomography and histology

      Objectives: Optical coherence tomography, an imaging modality using near-infrared light, produces cross-sectional tissue images with a lateral pixel resolution of 10 μm. However, normative data is first needed on epithelial thickness for lesion characterisation, and, to date, little exists. The purpose of our study is to measure normal laryngeal epithelial thickness by in vivo optical coherence tomography, and compare these values to those obtained from fixed ex-vivo laryngectomy specimens. Design and Setting: Prospective at a single medical center in California, United States. Participants: A total of 116 patients undergoing operative endoscopy. Main outcome measures: Optical coherence tomography images of clinically ...
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