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    1. Spatially-resolved volume monitoring of adhesive cure using correlated-image optical coherence tomography

      Spatially-resolved volume monitoring of adhesive cure using correlated-image optical coherence tomography

      Cross-correlation of optical coherence tomography (OCT 1 ) images has been applied to internal imaging of PVA and two-part epoxy adhesives during cure, providing information on relative viscosity at different positions within the sample volume. Spatial resolution of a few micrometres is obtained in the original OCT images, and a few tens of micrometres in the correlation images, enabling the progress of cure to be mapped in fine detail within a small cure volume. Evidence of phase separation is seen in the OCT and correlation images of a partially-cured PVA emulsion. Mixing structure and regions of poor cure can be observed ...

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    2. Imaging fibre bundles for Fizeau-based optical coherence tomography

      An OCT system incorporating a coherent fibre imaging bundle is described. Fibres are accessed sequentially by a beam focused onto the input face of the bundle, allowing 2D or 3D images to be acquired using point detection. A Fizeau interferometer configuration is used, in which light from the distal end of a fibre in the bundle (forming the reference arm) mixes with light reflected by the sample itself (forming the sample arm). The use of coherent imaging bundles for OCT beam delivery allows mechanical scanning parts to be removed from the sample arm, resulting in a passive probe. Such a ...

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