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    1. Optical-electrical rotary joint and methods of use

      Optical-electrical rotary joint and methods of use

      The present invention relates generally to rotatable optical couplings, and more particularly to a manually separable and re-connectable optical-electrical rotary joint. The invention provides a manually separable optical-electrical rotary joint in which an optical signal and electrical signal are transmitted while a downstream component rotates relative to an upstream component, for example, as driven by a motor at the upstream component. Further, the downstream component can be easily manually unplugged from the upstream component.

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    2. Medical measuring system and method

      Medical measuring system and method

      A method of performing measurements on medical images with a bedside controller includes receiving, through a touch-sensitive display on the bedside controller, a user measurement input on an image displayed on the display, the user measurement input including a start point defined by a point of initial contact with the touch-sensitive display and an end point defined by a point of last contact with the touch-sensitive display. The method also includes selecting a measurement mode based on a shape of the user measurement input and calculating a measurement value associated with the user measurement input based on the measurement mode.

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    3. Medical mounting system and method

      Medical mounting system and method

      A bedside controller includes an integrally formed housing and self-contained mounting structure disposed on the housing. The mounting structure includes a mounting channel defined in the housing and a retaining clamp disposed above the mounting channel and configured to releasably secure a mounting platform within the mounting channel such that the bedside controller is mounted to the mounting platform. The bedside controller also includes a touch-sensitive display disposed within a surface of the housing and configured to display images and receive user input on the surface, a processor disposed within the housing, a communication module disposed within the housing, communicatively ...

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