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    1. Catheter-based off-axis optical coherence tomography imaging system

      Catheter-based off-axis optical coherence tomography imaging system

      Catheter-based Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems utilizing an optical fiber that is positioned off-axis of the central longitudinal axis of the catheter have many advantage over catheter-based OCT systems, particularly those having centrally-positioned optical fibers or fibers that rotate independently of the elongate body of the catheter. An OCT system having an off-axis optical fiber for visualizing the inside of a body lumen may be rotated with the body of the elongate catheter, relative to a handle portion. The handle may include a fiber management pathway for the optical fiber that permits the off-axis optical fiber to rotate with the ...

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    2. Occlusion-crossing devices, imaging, and atherectomy devices

      Occlusion-crossing devices, imaging, and atherectomy devices

      The present invention relates to: (1) guidewire support/placement catheters; (2) support/placement catheters with imaging; (3) atherectomy catheters, (4) atherectomy catheters with imaging, (5) occlusion crossing catheters, and (6) occlusion crossing catheters with imaging as well as methods for using them to treat disorders (and particularly peripheral artery disease) and systems including them.

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