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    1. Agile Imaging System

      Agile Imaging System

      An agile optical imaging system for optical coherence tomography imaging using a tunable source comprising a wavelength tunable VCL laser is disclosed. The tunable source has long coherence length and is capable of high sweep repetition rate, as well as changing the sweep trajectory, sweep speed, sweep repetition rate, sweep linearity, and emission wavelength range on the fly to support multiple modes of OCT imaging. The imaging system also offers new enhanced dynamic range imaging capability for accommodating bright reflections. Multiscale imaging capability allows measurement over orders of magnitude dimensional scales. The imaging system and methods for generating the waveforms ...

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    2. Quantitative Measurement of Blood Flow Dynamics in Embryonic Vasculature Using Spectral Doppler Velocimetry

      The biophysical effects of blood flow are known to influence the structure and function of adult cardiovascular systems. Similar effects on the maturation of the cardiovascular system have been difficult to directly and non-invasively measure due to the small size of the embryo. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has been shown to provide high spatial and temporal structural imaging of the early embryonic chicken heart. We have developed an extension of Doppler OCT, called spectral Doppler velocimetry (SDV), that will enable direct, non-invasive quantification of blood flow and shear rate from the early embryonic cardiovascular system. Using this technique, we calculated ...
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    3. Methods and systems for reducing complex conjugate ambiguity in interferometric data

      A complex conjugate ambiguity can be resolved in an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) interferogram. A reference light signal is propagated along a reference path. A sample light signal is impinged on a sample reflector. The reference light signal is frequency shifted with respect to the sample light signal to thereby separate a positive and a negative displacement of a complex conjugate component of the OCT interferogram.
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