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    1. High-resolution handheld rigid endomicroscope based on full-field optical coherence tomography

      High-resolution handheld rigid endomicroscope based on full-field optical coherence tomography

      Full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) is a powerful tool for nondestructive assessment of biological tissue, i.e., for the structural examination of tissue in depth at a cellular resolution. Mostly known as a microscopy device for ex vivo analysis, FF-OCT has also been adapted to endoscopy setups since it shows good potential for in situ cancer diagnosis and biopsy guidance. Nevertheless, all the attempts to perform endoscopic FF-OCT imaging did not go beyond lab setups. We describe here, to the best of our knowledge, the first handheld FF-OCT endoscope based on a tandem interferometry assembly using incoherent illumination. A common-path ...

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    2. Optimization of the temporal performance of a deformable mirror for use in ophthalmic applications

      Adaptive optics (AO) is used to correct wavefront aberrations in light in real-time. An AO system is principally made up of three parts; a wavefront measuring device, a correction device, and a control algorithm to compute the residuals between the measured and a reference wavefront. Deformable mirr ... [Proc. SPIE 7139, 713912 (2008)] published Tue Dec 30, 2008.
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