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    1. Three-dimensional high-speed optical coherence tomography system using KTN swept light source

      Three-dimensional high-speed optical coherence tomography system using KTN swept light source

      Three-dimensional (3D) optical coherence tomography (3D-OCT) has attracted attention for visualising complex structures in the biomedical field. In this reported work, a high-speed 3D-OCT system is developed, which is based on a high-speed swept light source and aMach-Zehnder interferometer with a high-speed photodetector. The light source, incorporating a KTa 1-x Nb x O 3 electro-optic deflector, operates at a repetition rate of 200 kHz and enables high-speed data acquisition. As a preliminary study, images of a strawberry's surface have been obtained, two- and three-dimensionally. The 3D-OCT system has potential for the construction of a four-dimensional OCT image to dynamically ...

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