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    1. Method and system for quantitative image correction for optical coherence tomography

      A method of correcting optical coherence tomography (OCT) image data obtained from a layered media sample includes identifying at least one interface from the obtained OCT data and correcting the OCT data for distortion at the at least one interface. The OCT image data can be corrected for extrinsic distortions, such as those caused by scan geometry, as well as, intrinsic distortions, such as those caused by refraction at each interface.
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    2. Aspects of basic OCT engine technologies for high speed optical coherence tomography and light source and other improvements in optical coherence tomography

      An optical coherence tomography (OCT) system including an interferometer provides illuminating light along a first optical path to a sample and an optical delay line and collects light from the sample along a second optical path remitted at several scattering angles to a detector. In one embodiment, illuminating light is directed along a number of incident light paths through a focusing lens to a sample. The light paths and focusing lens are related to the sample and to both the incident light source and the detector. In another embodiment, a focusing system directs light to a location in the sample ...
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    3. Phase-referenced doppler optical coherence tomography

      A phase-referenced Doppler optical coherence tomography (OCT) system includes a low-coherence optical radiation source and a reference source co-propagated to a sample arm and a reference arm. The low-coherence and reference optical radiation reflected from the reference and arms is detected by a pair of detectors, yielding OCT and reference interferometric data output signals. The reference interferometric data output signal can be used to correct the OCT interferometric to yield velocity-indicating images that are free from defects due to sample motion and/or interferometer jitter.
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