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    1. Imaging of hard- and soft-tissue structure in the oral cavity by optical coherence tomography.

      Imaging of hard- and soft-tissue structure in the oral cavity by optical coherence tomography. Appl Opt. 1998 Jun 1;37(16):3582-5 Authors: Colston BW, Everett MJ, Da Silva LB, Otis LL, Stroeve P, Nathel H We have developed a prototype optical coherence tomography (OCT) system for the imaging of hard and soft tissue in the oral cavity. High-resolution images of in vitro porcine periodontal tissues have been obtained with this system. The images clearly show the enamel-cementum and the gingiva-tooth interfaces, indicating OCT is a potentially useful technique for diagnosis of periodontal diseases. To our knowledge, this is the ...
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