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    1. Feature Of The Week 1/27/13: An Exciting and Promising Area for OCT System Research and Commercial Opportunities

      Feature Of The Week 1/27/13: An Exciting and Promising Area for OCT System Research and Commercial Opportunities

      One of the most promising areas for OCT system research is the pursuit of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs) for OCT systems. Such approaches offer to dramatically reduce the size, weight, power, and costs of future OCT systems. Such reductions could enable increase adoption of OCT in existing markets and open up a wide range of new applications and markets for OCT. While there remain several difficult challenges ahead there has already been massive R&D investments (~$100M) and major advances in this area in the fiber optic telecommunication industry and those advances are poised ...

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    2. Integrated-optics-based swept-source optical coherence tomography

      Integrated-optics-based swept-source optical coherence tomography

      We designed, fabricated, and characterized an integrated-optics-based swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) system in TriPleX technology. An external 1300 nm swept source is coupled to the chip, which contains waveguide structures for interferometric depth ranging and balanced detection. The complete OCT chip has a footprint of 0.4     cm × 1.8     cm . Light from the chip is focused onto the s.ample using an aspheric lens; the lateral resolution is 21 ± 1     μ m . OCT measurements, performed with a moveable mirror, demonstrate a sensitivity of − 80     dB and imaging up to the maximum depth of 5.09 mm. Corrected for dispersion ...

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