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    1. Imaging gold nanorods in excised human breast carcinoma by spectroscopic optical coherence tomography

      Imaging gold nanorods in excised human breast carcinoma by spectroscopic optical coherence tomography
      Plasmon-resonant gold nanorods (GNRs) can serve as imaging agents for spectroscopic optical coherence tomography (SOCT). The aspect ratio of the GNRs is adjusted for maximum absorption in the far red to create a partial spectral overlap with the short-wavelength edge of the near-infrared SOCT imaging band. The spectroscopic absorption profile of the GNRs is incorporated into a depth-resolved algorithm for mapping the relative GNR density within OCT images. This technique enables us to image GNR distributions in excised human breast carcinomas, demonstrating their potential as OCT contrast agents in heterogeneous, highly scattering tissues.
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    2. Plasmon-resonant gold nanorods provide spectroscopic OCT contrast in excised human breast tumors

      Amy L. Oldenburg, Matthew N. Hansen, Alexander Wei et al. Plasmon-resonant gold nanorods have been demonstrated recently as contrast agents for optical coherence tomography (OCT). To evaluate their ability to produce contrast in a structurally heterogeneous environment, nanorods were injected at discrete locations into an excised sample of human breast inv ... [Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 6867, 68670E (2008)] published Wed Feb 13, 2008.
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