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    1. NinePoint Medical Imaging Technology Highlighted in Nature Medicine

      NinePoint Medical Imaging Technology Highlighted in Nature Medicine

      NinePoint Medical Press Release - NinePoint Medical, Inc . , an emerging leader in the development of medical devices for in vivo imaging, today announced that data demonstrating positive results related to a new tethered capsule endomicroscopy technology, licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), were published online this week in the journal Nature Medicine . The research, performed at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at MGH, where the technology was developed, shows the pill-sized imaging system creates detailed, microscopic, three-dimensional images of the esophageal wall and is expected to offer several advantages over traditional endoscopy. This tethered capsule endomicroscopy technology has been licensed for ...

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    2. Optical endomicroscopy and the road to real-time, in vivo pathology: present and future

      Optical endomicroscopy and the road to real-time, in vivo pathology: present and future

      Epithelial cancers account for substantial mortality and are an important public health concern. With the need for earlier detection and treatment of these malignancies, the ability to accurately detect precancerous lesions has an increasingly important role in controlling cancer incidence and mortality. New optical technologies are capable of identifying early pathology in tissues or organs in which cancer is known to develop through stages of dysplasia, including the esophagus, colon, pancreas, liver, bladder, and cervix. These diagnostic imaging advances, together as a field known as optical endomicroscopy, are based on confocal microscopy, spectroscopy-based imaging, and optical coherence tomography (OCT), and ...

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