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    1. Calibration protocol for Fourier-domain OCT using optical fiber gratings

      Calibration protocol for Fourier-domain OCT using optical fiber gratings
      We present a calibration protocol to get the alignment factors of a custom-made spectrometer and the nonlinear fitting function between the measured CCD pixel domain and the wavelength domain to apply the Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT) using optical fiber gratings. We have used 5 different center wavelength gratings covered the broadband source spectral range with a narrow spectral bandwidth (<0.05 nm) and the same reflectivity (>92 %) to calibrate and align the custom-made spectrometer. The implemented SD-OCT system following the proposed protocol showed the alignment factors as 44.37o incident angle, 53.11o diffraction angle, and 70.0 mm focal length. The spectral resolution of 0 ...
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    2. Spectrally-sampled OCT for sensitivity improvement from limited optical power

      Spectrally-sampled OCT for sensitivity improvement from limited optical power

      Although high optical illumination power is favored in optical coherence tomography (OCT) for better signal-to-noise ratio, optical power is often limited by a damaged threshold for biomedical living tissues and autocorrelation signals observed in tomograms. In order to improve signal sensitivity without increasing the optical illumination power, a spectrally sampled multi-wavelength light source is proposed for the OCT system. A fiber Sagnac comb filter was used to spectrally sample the output of a continuous spectral light source. Point spread function analysis shows that the spectrally sampled OCT has an almost 50% dynamic range improvement in comparison with a conventional continuous ...

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    3. Quasi-holographic solution to polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography acceptable to nonlaboratory applications

      Vitali Tougbaev, Tae Joong Eom, Bong-Ahn Yu et al. Experimental proof-of-concept is presented for a quasi-holographic solution to polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS OCT). Due to decoupling between the reference and sample beams by polarization, the solution seems acceptable to acquisition and communication of optical data in the ... [J. Biomed. Opt. 13, 044014 (2008)] published Mon Aug 11, 2008.
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    4. Multi-wavelength source for the lower exposure intensity of spectral OCT

      There have been several technologies to enable high resolution cross-sectional images of biological tissues in optical coherence tomography (OCT) method. Optical frequency comb (OFC) source has been proposed to overcome the crosstalk problem among the CCD detector pixels of the continuous spectrum of light source. Recently, a passive-type OFC is demonstrated simply placing a Fabry-Perot interferometer filter right after the broadband light source, but it shows a high loss of output light power and limited tenability of channel spacing of multi-wavelength. In this work, we experimentally demonstrate a spectral comparison of a novel multi-wavelength source based on a fiber Sagnac ...

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