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    1. Method and apparatus for performing optical measurements

      Method and apparatus for performing optical measurements
      A method and apparatus for performing various optical measurements is provided utilizing an optical coherence domain refrectometer (OCDR). A short coherence optical radiation source applies optical radiation through like optical paths to a sample and an optical reflector. The optical reflector is movable in accordance with a predetermined velocity profile to permit interferometric scanning of the sample, the resulting output having a Doppler shift frequency modulation. This output may be demodulated and detected to obtain desired measurements and other information. Additional information may be obtained by applying radiation from two or more sources at different wavelengths to the sample and ...
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    2. Method and apparatus for optical imaging with means for controlling the longitudinal range of the sample

      Method and apparatus for optical imaging with means for controlling the longitudinal range of the sample
      A method and apparatus for performing optical imaging on a sample wherein longitudinal scanning or positioning in the sample is provided by either varying relative optical path lengths for an optical path leading to the sample and to a reference reflector, or by varying an optical characteristic of the output from an optical source applied to the apparatus. Transverse scanning in one or two dimensions is provided on the sample by providing controlled relative movement between the sample and a probe module in such direction and/or by steering optical radiation in the probe module to a selected transverse position ...
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    3. In vivo retinal imaging by optical coherence tomography

      In vivo retinal imaging by optical coherence tomography
      We describe what are to our knowledge the first in vivo measurements of human retinal structure with optical coherence tomography. These images represent the highest depth resolution in vivo retinal images to date. The tomographic system, image-processing techniques, and examples of high-resolution tomographs and their clinical relevance are discussed
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    4. Optical Coherence Tomography

      A technique called optical coherence tomography (OCT) has been developed for noninvasive cross-sectional imaging in biological systems. OCT uses low-coherence interferometry to produce a two-dimensional image of optical scattering from internal tissue microstructures in a way that is analogous to ultrasonic pulse-echo imaging. OCT has longitudinal and lateral spatial resolutions of a few micrometers and can detect reflected signals as small as approximately 10(-10) of the incident optical power. Tomographic imaging is demonstrated in vitro in the peripapillary area of the retina and in the coronary artery, two clinically relevant examples that are representative of transparent and turbid media ...
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