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    1. Interactive processing and visualization of image data for biomedical and life science applications

      Interactive processing and visualization of image data for biomedical and life science applications
      Abstract Background  Applications in biomedical science and life science produce large data sets using increasingly powerful imaging devices and computer simulations. It is becoming increasingly difficult for scientists to explore and analyze these data using traditional tools. Interactive data processing and visualization tools can support scientists to overcome these limitations. Results  We show that new data processing tools and visualization systems can be used successfully in biomedical and life science applications. We present an adaptive high-resolution display system suitable for biomedical image data, algorithms for analyzing and visualization protein surfaces and retinal optical coherence tomography data, and visualization tools for ...
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    2. Improved representation of retinal data acquired with volumetric FD-OCT: co-registration, visualization and reconstruction of a large field of view

      Advances in Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (Fd-OCT) permit visualization of three-dimensional morphology of in-vivo retinal structures in a way that promises to revolutionize clinical and experimental imaging of the retina. The relevance of these advances will be further increased by th ...
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